Control of Skylar

Typically, you can interact with Skylar entirely using speech without the needs for any keyboard or mouse. However, you can pause or resume Skylar by clicking on the bubble above the text box. Also, the bubble will show the status of Skylar in use. The legal statuses include: 1. Skylar is listening to you 2. Skylar is speaking or 3. Skylar is thinking 4. Skylar is paused

What is the microphone test for?

We ask you to speak the prompt sentence "who is George Washington?" to determine if your microphone and ASR is working correctly. If either one does not work, Portal will fall back to the typing mode.

How to turn on/off the avatar?

You can turn on or off the avatar anytime by clicking on the switch at the right bottom corner.

What browser is supported?

Currently Skylar supports any modern browser. However, in order to enable speech interaction, we only support Google Chrome